Wayne State University


The Combustion Physics Laboratory (CPL) is a research group in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Wayne State University performing unique research in the areas of combustion, energy, and propulsion with the goal of understanding complex reacting systems. CPL is located in College of Engineering, Lab 1539 and 1541.


1) Dr. Samimi's proposal to investigate the internal flow nozzle was awarded. (1/1/2018)

2) Joshua A. Piehl, PhD student of CPL, recieved SMART scholarship from U.S. Department of Defence. (4/1/2018)

3) Three CPL's PhD students (Josh, Tushar and Antowan) and MSc student (Dhrumil) will present their combustion papers and findings in Spring Technical Meeting of the Central States Section of The Combustion Institute. (4/20/2018)